Did you know that the benefits of growing your own food are numerous?

agriculture basket beets bokeh

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Starting your own garden, so growing your own food will have many advantages and it is a healthy hobby.

1.Saves Money
Yes, you read it correctly; by growing your own food you can save money. Your grocery expenses can be reduced to a significant extent. We all spend hundreds of dollars in grocery supplies that are not really fresh and nutritious. Spending time in the garden can be an outdoor activity, a good exercise and an exciting way of growing plants.

A packet of seeds will be the initial cost for all your harvests. This means that you spend less than a dollar for home-grown vegetables. You can get seeds from fruits and vegetables and dry them so that they can be used for the next season. Preserving vegetables can lengthen food shelf life after harvest periods.

2.Learn More about What You Eat
By cultivating food in your garden, you can learn more about the gardening process. You will be the one to plant, nurture, fertilize and water your plants. In the case of food bought from grocery stores, you cannot find out how they were grown. There may be harmful chemicals used to maximize their yield.

There are other risks like salmonella and E. coli outbreaks in supermarket foods as they might be grown in poor sanitation. You can avoid these illnesses and enjoy healthier food by having a garden. Remember, you should also practice good hygiene and sanitation in your garden especially when you grow edible plants.

3.Avoid Chemicals on Your Food
Most of the approved pesticides nowadays were registered before detailed research was done on their connection to diseases. Various types of cancers are linked to pesticides use. As pesticides are meant to kill living organisms like pests and insects, they can also affect human health.

When you grow your own food you will have complete knowledge about the nature of pesticides that you use and stay away from potential health issues.

4.Mindful Gardening
You may feel that your life is in a new dimension when you start a garden, since you should wait patiently for harvest and have to be careful in pruning. Growing and taking care of your garden can offer excellent stress relief and meditative benefits.

5.Gratification Time
It will be a gratifying moment to see vegetables from your own garden to your table. If you are growing your own food, it implies that your family will get proper nourishment and stay healthy. Taking care of your garden is a wonderful sense of accomplishment, especially when blossoms turn into fruits.

Soon you will realize that your grocery needs will be reduced and you will have control over what you consume. Your gardening knowledge will increase as the days pass by and can even be carried over to your children and friends.

If you grow your own food, what are your currently growing in your garden?


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